Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SAVAGE WINTER, The Season's of Paleo Series

So, I've been waiting for this release.  It's no secret how much I love Rachel Van Dyken's books and I had the totally delicious treat of getting an ARC of this book that just came out today.  You're going to want to buy it, pronto.  If you're not into the Dystopian genre, don't be afraid of this book. It's about love and loyalty, in an extreme way.  What's the name of the book?  Ready?  "Savage Winter."  Yeah, I know, amazingly cool name.  It's going to be the first book in the new series "Season's of Paleo."  Below are the buy links and my review I've posted on Amazon!

SAVAGE WINTER  (That's the buy link!)

     Here's my amazon Review
Wow.  So, already being a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken's work in both contemporary and Regency Romance, I couldn't pick up Savage Winter fast enough!  W O W.  It's a shorter book, but you feel utterly satisfied at the end because first, you know there will be more in the series, and two, the progression is flawless.  There's no jumping through scenes quickly, no hurried emotional scenes, everything is so natural and flowing giving light to how talented Ms Van Dyken is at spinning a tale.

In the opening pages my heart pounded as I felt the loss, fear and desperation surrounding Kyle as her world is stripped from her, leaving her cold in the absence of love.  Her inner strength is astounding and helps you really admire her while also sympathizing with her loss.  The book is about loyalty and love.

Aiden is astounding.  I loved him from the start.  Not only his desire to protect the princess, but all his efforts to heal her heart's wounds as well.  Ms Van Dyken does a wonderful job of getting inside a guy's head.

Basically, I love the story and I will be counting down till the next book in the "Season's of Paleo" series.