Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review on "Double Crossing" by Meg Mims

Reading "Double Crossing" by Meg Mims was quite an adventure.  Being a fan of " Reilly's Luck" by L'amore, I was really looking forward to another adventure in the wild west. Meg did a wonderful job of including historical towns, stations and protocol that were very accurate to the time period.  Her "hint of romance" truely was that, a hint.  The main story was based on the desperate attempt to not only find the deed to the mine, but find her father's killer while remaining alive herself.  A compliment to Meg Mims and her editor, there weren't any distracting editing issues, the format was clean.  I don't want to put to much of the story in the review, I want others to find out for themselves, but know this, I never knew riding a train could be so dangerous, or thrilling.  "Double Crossing" was full of life, a spunky heroine, filthy villans and a lot of adventure. 


  1. Thank you for such a great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Double Crossing. :-)

  2. Great review!!! I feel a hankering for an old western right now ;)

  3. LOL - it's an OLD-FASHIONED western, not that old. But this little dogie has everything from adventure to murder and a sweet smart heroine plus a brawling hero. :-D ENJOY!