Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's been a while...

With Summer sending out the siren call of heat and sprinklers calling my name, I've neglected my blog.   The warmth of our Summer's here in Eastern Washington is legendary and it hasn't disappointed us this year.  With a garden overgrowing with abundance and the hose that is almost constantly on to keep our lawn from incinerating, it's been busy and fun!  It's much easier to read when it's nasty and cold outside.    The idea that summer is for reading is lost on me, I must admit. Unless I'm on vacation, which won't happen this year till September, Summer is for splashing, harvesting, hoeing weeds and chasing wet children.  But I do have some news, some news I'll reveal...later.  So keep posted. It's a good one.  I was shocked myself, really.  In the mean time, take a break, lounge in the kiddie pool, get a squirt gun and see if you can get the spurts of water to evaporate before they hit the ground.  That's what I'll be doing.  (After I chase my kids and help them make mud-pies.)

Happy Summer!

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