Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the day...  My very first book will be released!! "Redeeming the Deception of Grace" Hits Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon tomorrow! YAY! ( this is me pretending to shout, I don't want to wake the kids!)  Here's the cover...

And here's the know...a little taste of the goodness to come....

Can one lie change everything?

Though Grace knows that Ewan Emmett, Duke of Greys will never think of her as more than the little liar who cost him the worst punishment of his life, her heart can’t seem to stop fluttering whenever he is around.  And because he became a Rake of the first order, Grace built a prickly wall around her heart to protect it against the onslaught of charm directed towards her at each turn as Ewan mercilessly finds reasons to tease her. When Spencer Raleigh, Earl of Shiply offers her a blessed distraction she readily accepts his pursuit hoping her heart learns to love another.

Ewan Emmett, Duke of Greys had one supreme joy in life; to tease Lady Grace Hashiver and provoke her temper. Knowing her since childhood had given her immunity to his charm and he found her friendship entertaining and refreshing.  However, when Shiply began to pursue Grace, Ewan began to feel emotions he would have rather of remained blissfully unaware. Unwilling to let Grace belong to anyone but him, he begins his own pursuit of Grace. 

Grace finds herself unable to detach her heart from Ewan, especially when his attempts at charming her feel authentic, but is he still only playing the rake? Is Ewan worthy of Grace when she deserves one much better than he? 

Interested? I sure hope so! Tomorrow I'll post the buy links and in the upcoming holiday season I'll be featuring great authors and their wonderful Christmas Romances....Does it get better than that? Christmas, love...maybe chocolate? Ok, gotta get candy off the brain but in my defense, it is Halloween.  So with that, check back tomorrow and enjoy the sugar coma tonight....

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