Friday, February 1, 2013

Have you ever wondered?

Living London

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall into your favorite book?  Have you ever walked the sidewalk of your favorite park and been curious as to what it was like in that very same spot over a hundred years ago?  What if you got the chance to go back in time, what if you weren't just reading about Regency London, with it's glamorous balls, historic events and incredible fashion? What if you lived it for yourself?

Living London was born from an idea shared by my sister and I.  We had joked over how we would have grown up to be spinsters in the Regency Era because there was no braces ( and we needed them ) little make-up ( and I have WHITE eyelashes ) and no cover up! Here's a blurb:

What if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past? What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks? What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be, or how much fun? For Jocelyn Westin, this is her reality. But reading all the historical fiction in the world could never have prepared her for what it would be like to be “Living London.”

To kick off my celebration, I'll be hosting a huge giveaway!  Prizes will include a ten dollar Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift card, Three copies of NYTimes Bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken's "The Devil Duke takes a Bride" and five copies of "Redeeming the Deception of Grace" my first Regency Romance!  

The contest will go live in about 36 hours...and in the mean time I'll be LIVING LONDON myself, so keep posted and come back and check often for pictures of London as I will be there myself tomorrow!

Thanks for helping me celebrate!

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