Friday, June 21, 2013


Whoo Hoo!  

I just hit 200 'likes' on Facebook! I'm so excited! To celebrate, I'm giving away a $5.00 egift card to AMAZON! Want to win it? Enter in on the rafflecopter widget and share, tweet and like your hearts out! I'll pick a winner in a few days and let you know!  


And if you haven't yet, check out my historical and contemporary romances!

"Redeeming the Deception of Grace"

 Lady Grace Hashiver has perfected the art of hiding behind a sarcastic wit when it comes to dealing with the rakish Ewan Emmett Duke of Greys, her childhood tormentor. Her wit protects her from betraying the attraction and desire she feels whenever she is around him.

Ewan Emmett, Duke of Greys is perfectly thrilled to torment Grace at every opportunity, until an old acquaintance begins an honest suit for Grace’s hand. When Ewan begins to feel the pangs of jealousy causing him to question his reasons for his constant teasing of Grace, he discovers a depth of emotion he didn’t know he harbored towards the golden haired beauty. Suddenly he is no longer the tease, but on the receiving end of the torment as he wonders if he‘s to late too fight for her love.

"Living London"

What if you found yourself waking up two hundred years in the past? What if you wore the gowns and waltzed around Almacks? What if you found out first hand just how dangerous a rake could be, or how much fun? For Jocelyn Westin, this is her reality. But reading all the historical fiction in the world could never have prepared her for what it would be like to be “Living London.”
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When Abby’s husband walks out, she questions how could God allow this to happen to her, and her children? Through her journey of discovering how God takes the ashes of our lives and creates beauty, she discovers so much more about God, and love than she ever imagined. As Abby’s faith grows, she discovers something about God she never imagined…He truly writes the most beautiful love stories…


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