Thursday, January 30, 2014

"The Only Reason for the London Season"

I'm trying something new. (gasp) In a few short weeks I'll be releasing my third regency romance(which I'll tell you more about later) but just before that one releases, I'm going to put up a short regency romance for FREE. "The Reason for the London Season" is a cute story that is a prelude for the full length regency "What the Duke Wants"(which I might add, is hilariously funny) But "The Only Reason for the London Season" is also a stand alone story, however the readers will get a little sneak peek at my other regencies at the end of it.  I'm hoping to release it on February 10 or so, and I'll keep you posted.  Here's the blurb and a small excerpt.

Sometimes love needs a little push in the right direction.
Or a good and proper shove.
At least that’s what Dianna Trowl believes, profously, or else she’d never have done what she did.
It would have been foolish, it would have been a scandal, if…it hadn’t of worked.
But it did, and sometimes the price to pay for a gentleman’s attention is worth every penny.

And convincing Lord Southridge to believe in love at first sight? Priceless.

The Only Reason for the London Season
All Rights Reserved, Kristin Vayden 2014
Miss Dianna Trowl hated her name.
Hated it.
Because it reminded her of a troll, and that same similarity wasn’t missed by any of the other debutants that season. Five minutes couldn’t pass before some snide comment was made (just loudly enough for her to hear) that her last name was wildly appropriate for someone who looked like her.
            And for that same reason, she hated her hair, almost as much as she hated her name.
Why in heaven had she been the one to inherit her Scottish ancestor’s flaming color? No one, NO ONE else in her family even had a hint of the reddish hue. But of course, why would they when she clearly got all of it? It wasn’t fair.  As if her wrenched hair color wasn’t enough, she had freckles and green eyes. So, she was the antithesis of everything that was all the rage this season. No wheat colored tresses with bottomless blue eyes, no, she had a flame colored and unruly mane with muddy green eyes. It might not have been so miserable if the color of the season wasn’t pink.
            The absolute worst color for someone of, well, her color. 
            But what Dianna lacked in appealing colors, she made up for in spirit.  And so the season continued and as each ball ended without so much as one suitor paying her mind, she resolved to take matters into her own hands. Everyone noticed her, just for the wrong reasons. But…what if she could use that to her advantage? So Dianna thought, and planned and, rather decided that this season would be her trial run.  She’d listen, she’d learn and next season…she’d conquer.
            And that is precisely what she did.

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Emma has sworn off love.

After all, it is pointless to subject oneself to such torture when in the end, heartbreak is inevitable. Just like her sister had suffered. So, when Lord Daventry, the muddy brown-eyed boy from her childhood, returns to society she refuses to even look at him... well, maybe she'll look once.

Or twice.

But only because his eyes have changed into the most decadent color of dark chocolate. And his tanned skin from his travels is distracting, especially paired with his wide and devilish grin.

The stirring of her blood from his hot whisper in her ear is nothing... at least that's what she tells herself.

Lord Daventry has one response to marriage. Drink Brandy. Especially when his mother decides it is time for him to produce an heir. Reluctantly, he attends his first ball since returning from India, swearing to head to White's shortly after the first dance. However, he is pleasantly surprised to discover that Miss Emma Kingsly, the same girl he tried to kiss when she was nine, is still unmarried.

Her frigid demeanor should have warned him off... but unable to ignore a challenge, he plunges in head first... never expecting to fall in love with the one woman in the ton completely set against marriage.

Sometimes all love needs is a little healthy competition. 

Lady Grace Hashiver has perfected the art of hiding behind a sarcastic wit when it comes to dealing with the rakish Ewan Emmett Duke of Greys, her childhood tormentor. It’s her only weapon, for if she let her guard down even for a moment; surely he’d know just how much she loved him. A love she knew could never happen. 

Ewan Emmett, Duke of Greys is perfectly thrilled to torment Grace at every opportunity, until an old acquaintance begins an honest suit for Grace’s hand. When Ewan begins to feel the pangs of jealousy causing him to question his reasons for his constant teasing of Grace, he discovers a depth of emotion he didn’t know he harbored towards the golden haired beauty. Suddenly he is not longer the tease, but on the receiving end of the torment as he wonders if he‘s to late to fight for her love. 

Sometimes, all love needs is a little healthy competition. Wouldn’t you agree? 

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