Friday, October 3, 2014

The Forsaken Love of a Lord

IT IS OCTOBER!!!!! Bring on the pumpkins, apple cider and trick-or-treating! Personally, I could eat my body weight in pumpkin pie. (YUM!) Just yesterday I bought a pumpkin pie from Costco. You know, the huge ones that just call your name as you walk by...I'm weak. I bought one and ALMOST bought two. I probably should have. The massive pie lasted only a few hours before it was nothing but crumbs and fond memories. Of course, I DID have help...five kids...remember? Needless to say they all played their part in devouring the delicious treat.

The end of this month I have a new book coming out, "The Forsaken Love of a Lord." Isn't the cover art AMAZING?! Thank you to Laura at P.S. Cover and designs. She rocks. The cover is truly a great translation of the book as well, a bit dark, a bit mysterious and a whole lot of romance! Here's a teaser made by a super awesome reader, Liza at I Dare You To Read.

The best part? It's only .99 AND up for pre-order.  Here's the link:

Also, if you're a member of the Kindle Unlimited program, you'll get to read it for FREE!
I'll try to post some excerpts here in a few days as the release date approaches, but as always, give me grace if I don't make it...remember, five kids...meaning a whole LOT of blessing and NO free time! Love you all and thanks!!!

Kristin Vayden

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