Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Compromising Kessen
Today is a day for me to celebrate.  This is a book I've had the delight to read before it released and it's one of my all time favorites.  I'm a huge fan of the "Regency" era romances, but what I love about this book is that it's contemporary romance with all the regency flair and glam.  Kessen is a heroine with a confident attitude that has hilarious sense of humor an self awareness.  Christian is the typical British, stuffy with dry sarcasm, until he meets Kessen and she turns his world upside down.  Here's the blurb...

The last thing career-driven Kessen Newberry wants is to leave her home in Colorado to spend a Season in London, far away from her job, her friends and the memories of her mother. However, her father, the Earl of Newberry, threatens to disinherit her unless she gets in touch with her British roots. She complies, but has no intention of enjoying the experience.

That is until she meets Christian Vandenbrook, the arrogant and irritatingly handsome future Duke of Albany and her father’s business partner. Unfortunately, Christian hates Americans. And coffee. And apparently, Kessen.
A hatred this passionate can only lead to one thing… marriage.

Caught in the middle of a Regency-inspired nightmare, Kessen and Christian are forced to marry in only one week’s time. Resigned to their fate, the two resolve to give the relationship a chance—which would be much easier if everyone would stop interrupting them every time they found a moment alone.

I'll post my review later when it goes live on Amazon.  For now, just check out the book, download a sample if you aren't sure but don't get upset with me when you run out of the sample and can't buy the book quick enough...I'm telling you right the whole thing. It's that good. Really.


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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