Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sacred Ring
Leah Sanders is one of the new authors I'm keeping my eye on.   Her debut novel co-written by Rachel Van Dyken entitled, "The Parting Gift" hit amazon during Christmas and she hooked me with her attention to detail.  In her first solo novel, "Sacred Ring" I was again impressed with the attention to detail within the plot, character development and movement within the story.  While this book is considered "YA lit," I really enjoyed it and found myself engaged in the story.  Here's my review on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome YA litFebruary 10, 2012
This review is from: Sacred Ring (Kindle Edition)
The Sacred Ring starts out with an opening prologue that immediately grips you and leaves your mind swirling. As the book progresses you are introduced to three great characters who have adversities to overcome which are very relatable for young adults today. Add in a lot of adventure, a generous dose of mystery and some cute age appropriate romantic interest and you have a great read for all ages. Ms. Sanders did a fantastic job spinning a tale that is full of life.

I'm also including the blurb!

Nothing in Kynan Murphy's life is going right. His grades are horrible, he's always in trouble, and the girl he likes doesn't know he exists. But things go from bad to worse when his parents tell him they have decided to split up. Angry and confused, he wants nothing more than to lash out against the world. The closest thing he can find, however, is the Saint Valentine shrine during a school field trip. Armed with some fireworks and encouraged by his best friend, Michael Connell, he's all set to vent his frustration with life.

His best laid plans fail when a mysterious priest confronts him, sharing an ancient secret about a hidden ring with special powers. Kynan believes the answer to all his problems and the only way to fix his parents' broken marriage is to find the ring — a task he won't be able to accomplish on his own.

It was easy enough to convince his friend Michael to join him, but the irritating Brianna Collins insists on tagging along. Fortunately, her knack for language and interest in history is a valuable asset in the search. Their quest leads them to the northern coast and into dangerous territory where, in spite of theirgood intentions, they may lose their own lives.

This is a great book, just perfect for a nice escape!  It's not long, but there's no storyline sacrificed  for the shortened length. Here's the link!

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