Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amazon Bestseller!

I still am pinching myself, really. *OUCH*  Yep, It's real! I'm on the Amazon Bestseller list for Regency Romances! I'm so thrilled but mostly, I'm humbled. This is a huge and unexpected blessing!  To add to the great news, I've gotten some amazing reviews!  Here's another excerpt...

Ewan mentally shook, pulling himself from his desirous thoughts, and focused on Grace's retreating form. He stood scowling and watching the pair dance and flirt, his mood darkening by the second.
"Wipe that scowl from your face, Ewan. It's not as if she's never danced with anyone but you before," she chided, clicking her tongue.
Ewan started slightly. He had all but forgotten about Lady Jarvais's presence. He turned toward the dear woman and tried to act the unconcerned rogue. "Yes, well, he's unsuitable. A rake, rogue... whatever you call the unsavory characters that prowl about, these days." He lifted his hand in a dismissive gesture toward Shiply.
"Yes, and you yourself are nothing of the sort?" she asked as her eyebrows rose.
He understood his hypocrisy as she gave him a disbelieving look. No. He wasn't any better. However, he wasn't the one trying to woo Grace, attempting to seduce her to his bed, make love to her until the far reaches of the morning...
What am I thinking? His mind spun out of control imagining Grace in all those situations with him. The air was warmer, so he pulled on his collar. He also fought the urge to loosen his cravat.
His eyes never left her twirling body, and he physically responded to her curves. Cursing, he looked away, willing his body to calm and forbidding his mind to think of her tempting body pressed against his. As he searched for a distraction, he noticed Lady Jarvais watching him with a curious expression on her face before it lit up in an understanding smile. 

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