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Interview with Iris Blobel

Today I'm thrilled to share an interview with Iris Blobel on writing, editing and her newest release, Innocent Tears.  I've gotta say I'm a huge fan of one of her character's names, Nadine, which may or may not have to do with the fact that it is also my daughter's middle name (my grandmother's name too!) I like to think I'd love the name regardless...Anyway, Iris was brave enough to answer all my relevant and random questions.  I'll post the buy links at the bottom of the interview with the blurb. It's a worthy read, and based on such a great premise...enjoy!

Could you tell us what your favorite song is to inspire you when you write?
DEFINITELY Westlife .... ALL their songs. I just love their music and the news about their split was really upsetting. But I’m kind a big sucker for pop music. LOL – that dreamy kind of pop music.

What you do to celebrate once  you finish a manuscript?
What or how? Nothing much really. Well how boring is this. Probably because a manuscript is never really finished for me until it’s finished. There’s always something I change, want to change or cringe about. So the celebrating comes once I see my book “for sale”. 

What you did when you first found out  you were to be published?
I self-published my first book, so  when I received the box with my books in it, a rush of all sorts of emotions ran through me – corny I know, but it was excitement, anxiety, the “what on earth have you done”-thought .... yeah, it was an “out-of-this-world” moment.
When I received Astraea Press’ email with the good news they were interested in my book “Journey to Her Dreams”, I went to the bathroom and screamed. LOL. My girls came in all worried and I told them my book’s going to be published. We were jumping up and down and screamed – and then my little girl asked me what that means. It was too funny. Since then they both have had a few lessons in “Publishing lingo”. 

First person you called/e-mailed/texted?
OMG – my husband was up in NSW at the time with restricted phone service. So I texted him .... and waited .... and waited .... and waited. I think “Congratulation” was the reply. I could’ve strangled him. Really? Congratulations was all he came up with? But on the day “Journey” was finally available online, hubby took us out for dinner! Nice treat. 

Hardest part of a book to write?
EDITS !!! LOL .... I always feel sorry for my editors. It must be soooo hard for them to work through my manuscript. We always have a laugh here, the German girl, who’s learned English English, now speaking Australian English with a US English speaking Editor .... hilarious. And it’s been a couple of times when I stood in front of my husband saying ‘Really? Americans don’t know that expression?’ .... But back to the hard part .... POV’s .... honestly ... great concept, but so hard to do. My writing is very unconventional. I start at the back and then write scene after scene and try to somehow to glue them all together nicely.

Newest Release? 
Tadaaaaaa “Innocent Tears”

Why you like it/love it and what inspired it?
They say never work with animals or children, but I think I balanced that fine line quite well, if I may say so J We went to Europe a few years back and my husband took the girls back home a week before I returned back to Australia. He’s a great dad and did really well, no doubt. But I did notice the girls saying between the lines that “Dad did things differently.” That gave me the idea of how a man would cope to be a dad all of a sudden. That’s how I came up with “Innocent Tears”.

You're favorite type of book. ( I love books where the main characters hate each other then fall in love, almost against their will. Sigh...)
Jill Shalvis books – romance with a lot of wit, fun and humour, without being too silly. I love her books. But I try to read about everything, but because time’s so precious I usually end up with the contemporary romance books. But I also like a bit of well done fairy tales. I like the imaginary stuff J

The type of book that annoys you most?(I hate ones that have horrible endings...worst ever.) 
Hmmmm – tricky questions.  I might get back to you on this one ;-)

Finally, my blog is called 'whispers from a book' in honor of those one liners, or scenes in a book that we replay over and over once we've finished the last page.  You know, the one part you replay in your head as you fall asleep…what's your whisper from a book? It could be from one you've written or one you've read.  
Innocent Tears: “She was created with love. She was raised with love. Her heart beats for love.”
Cecelia Ahern’s PS I love you: “Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you land amongst the stars”.

Innocent Tears – Blurb:
Becoming a parent can be daunting at the best of times, but for Flynn, a business lawyer in Melbourne, it almost pulls the feet from right underneath him. He’s become a father to six-year-old Nadine literally overnight! He had no idea about her existence, and the news throws him into chaos, even more so when he is asked to take over custody.
With the help of Emma, an employee at the hotel where Nadine and her grandparents are staying, and his parents, Flynn tries to do the right thing. Yet, the right thing in his eyes differs from his parents’, and Emma is voicing her opinion as well. And right in the middle is little Nadine, still grieving the loss of her mother and finding a wonderful friend in Emma. There’s no doubt she’s afraid where and with whom she will settle.
But in the end, it’s a letter Flynn receives that helps him figure out what to do.

What are you waiting for? Oh wait...sorry. Here's the links. (wink)

Thanks Iris for coming by and sharing Innocent Tears with us!  

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