Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Interview with Joselyn Vaughn

Our featured author, Joselyn Vaughn, agreed to let me play 20 questions.  So maybe there's not exactly 20 but you get the idea...

Let's start out easy, what's your favorite thing to do, beside write?
I’ve recently discovered If you are into anything crafty, it is fabulous. It is also a great way to procrastinate. I love sewing and thrift store shopping and this site is giving me so many ideas. The problem is that my sewing machine which was recently haunted is still broken, so I can’t sew anything until it is fixed. I also enjoy running and have been able to run several races with my sisters this year. My whole family entered a 5k earlier this summer and we had matching shirts. It was really cool. I also did a Race for the Cure this fall with my sisters. My sister went through cancer treatment this year and it was incredible to be there with her.

That is amazing, When you were a little girl, what did you dream of becomming "when you grew up"?
I always thought it would be pretty awesome to be a writer and write books for a living. At that time, I didn’t know how hard that actually was and how many other things are involved in being an author. Writing books is definitely awesome though. It’s so much fun to hear from people who I’ve never met.

As an author that is probably a good thing! I'm sure you get lots of mail from new people.  I can see how that would be exciting.  So are you a city girl? Small town girl?
Definitely a small town girl. We lived in Seattle for a year right after we got married and that was enough. I think it was mostly the traffic that got to us. We liked being close to so many things, but it took forever to get anywhere, so we might as well have been far away. Right now we live in a small town and it’s great. A traffic back up is four cars lined up at the four-way stop.

Being from a small town myself, we had more cows than people, I love the asthetic of small town life.  No traffic is just one of the perks! Ok, what is your guilty pleasure?
Sitting and reading a book. Things are generally pretty crazy in the Vaughn household, so there isn’t a lot of downtime where it’s possible to even sit and open a book and actually read a paragraph or two before a preschooler crawls on top of you. When I get to do any reading at all, it ends up being on my iPod, which is really handy because no one can steal my bookmarks then. When a get to read a paperback or hardcover book, it feels very decadent.

I hear ya, ok Bucket list #1 and 2
This is a hard one. I haven’t thought about it very much. I know some people who have them written down. I would to visit Greece and Italy sometime. I find the ancient cultures that grew from there fascinating. As well as the art and the food.

I'm all about the food..Now, what made you want to start to write?
I’ve always wanted to write. It just took a while for the motivation and opportunity to present itself. A friend and I had been joking about programs we could develop for the library where we worked. One program involved a crafting club and somehow that morphed into an Internet dating service. Eventually it found life in the Ladies Night Out Social Club in my first book CEOs Don’t Cry. The ladies have provided fodder for Sucker for a Hot Rod and Hauntings of the Heart.

Thanks Joselyn!  We'll have more on her interview tomorrow so check back to learn more!  Until then, check out Joselyn's Website: and also check out her newest release, "Hauntings of the Heart." You can purchase it at: 

I'm reading it right now and it is some spectactular writing!


  1. If you have a question you'd like to ask Joselyn, leave a comment and I'll pass it along to her!

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Kristen! I would love to answer questions.

  3. I'n a small town/village girl too, so can totally emapthise with you. We can travel many many miles without having to stop at traffic lights. LOL.
    Joselyn, I enjoyed your interview. Thanks to you both.

  4. Thanks Sherry and Lindsay. Glad you could stop by.

  5. Your small town is one of the prettiest places in the state, and I miss our writing retreats at the Gerber House! I love all your hobbies except running - I have to walk the 5K. And sitting down to "just read" always seems like a guilty pleasure.

  6. Great interview, Joselyn! Wish I lived in a small town... and I hear ya about REAL PIZZA in Italy. Mmmmmmm....

  7. Patty - I miss the writing retreats too. I could really use one.

    Meg - You'll have to come visit some time. We have a fabulous pizza place. It's not Italy, but it's yummy. :-)

  8. Joselyn's stories are a delight to read. Fun characters and situations in a small town. I can't wait to start reading Hauntings...on my Kindle now. Great interview. Best wishes on the new release.