Friday, October 21, 2011

A Shout Out to All You Researching Authors!

Big thanks to everyone who responded to my "Reviews" post! I look forward to reading all your books! I'll be contacting you and spending a week with each one, in efforts to give you as much PR as possible!  If you are wanting me to review your book, see my previous post and let me know! 

So today I decided I have much respect for those of you authors who must research your characters and eras so very thoroughlly, only to have experts find one loophole in your story! Today, I decided that if, IF I were to ever write a book, I would write only about soemthing that I know very well, which leaves me with few options.  Basically, I'm left with mothering, farming, and Dairy Farming.  The last two only because my husband is a WEALTH of information because he worked on them as a kid. I could also pick his brain about the Stock Market but I think I'd get easily overwhemed.  Giggling, I tried to think of a storyline that would have a setting as a dairy farm and well, I didn't come up with much.  Mostly funny scenarios.  So this post is to give encouragement to all your authors who have to research the "Regency" era, who must learn how to describe churning butter for the western stories, and describe the "Civil War" as if you're there.  Keep up the good work, be encouraged, and if you've ever had a bad review where someone nit-picked your story because your character said a word that wasn't invented yet, just know that the rest of us didn't notice.  Keep it up.

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