Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok, I'm opening it up for all you new starting out authors.   I have family in the business and I know its rough.  First overcomming the huge obstacle of getting your manuscript published, then to get it out there so people will purchase it.  It's ovewhelming and sometimes seems impossible. For anyone who is interested, I'll post a review on your book on both this blog and on Amazon. For the blog, I'll do an interview with anyone who wants the extra publicity, and I'll tweet and Facebook about it. Second, I'll post a reivew on and/or  Here's what YOU need to do.  First, contact me. Leave a post with your book title, name and e-mail and I'll contact you.  Currently I'm opening it up for Ya Lit, Romance, (non erotica) and general fiction.  If you have a non-fiction piece I'll look at it as well.  If you don't know if you fit into the category, all you need to do is ask.  Second, I'll need a copy of your book and cover art you wish to release to me for the sole purpose of publishing it on this Blog.  I'll also need links so readers can purchase your book from this site.  If I've missed something, let me know!  Have fun and I look forward to your books! 


  1. Hi, I'm interested in having you do a review. My next book, Hauntings of the Heart, comes out next week from Astraea Press. It is a romance. You can contact me at
    Joselyn Vaughn

  2. Meeeee too! Double Crossing came out as ebook from Astraea Press in August, and print copies are coming next week. It's a historical western suspense (think "True Grit" on a train, lol) and YA to adult audiences. Thanks!


  3. Thanks girls! I can't wait to read your books!

  4. Update: I'm unable to follow through with my promise to post a Review on because my account must of purchased the book before I can "review" it. If you still want me to review your book on Amazon, the author will have to gift the book to me for my kindle. Good news..I can still do everything else!

  5. I would be happy to "gift" a copy of my novella to you for review. It's called The Legacy, and it's sort of a prequel to a novel I'm currently finishing about a samurai soldier. The term prequel is used loosely, because it's actually about the samurai's current day descendant, who finds his ancestor's swords and armor in his family's shed. Please let me know if you'd be interested.